At Eaton Manor we believe that involving local people, businesses and visitors is crucial to our success. We are committed to working in a sustainable way and we encourage both staff and guests to help us achieve this.

We are proud members of Green Tourism and the Shropshire Hills Sustainable Business Scheme (of which we are a Three Year Achiever Member), recognising our commitment to our local community and environment.

We support the local economy by:

  • Only using local suppliers, who use local produce where possible
  • Helping to support local businesses
  • Employing only local staff

We support the local community by:

  • Supporting local charities
    • Offering complimentary venue for fundraising events
    • Donating mid-week breaks at Eaton Manor as prizes
  • Supporting Eaton Church
    • Helping with fundraising
    • Providing complimentary ground care
    • Providing a venue for local residents’ meetings
  • Offering a reduced rate to our local archery club
  • Promoting local events and businesses to our guests
  • Recommending local pubs, cafes & shops
  • Working with local florist; chefs; brewery; winery; coach & taxi companies etc
    • Facilitating delivery of supplies for guests on a regular basis
  • Ensuring all local information is up to date and available to guests

We support our environment by:

  • Striving to achieve and now maintain our Silver award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme.
    • This includes making commitments such as:
      • Adopting a policy of ‘green procurement’ i.e. taking environmental factors into account in all purchasing and supplier contracts using, where possible, local suppliers and retailers.
      • Reducing waste at source and recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and ink cartridges.
      • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible, and minimising the use of chemicals throughout the business.
      • Adopting the practice of responsible and efficient energy management to reduce consumption in all our operations.
      • Encouraging guests to remain on the estate as much as possible during their stay by offering on-site amenities, such as a games room, croquet lawn, badminton court, playing field and private self guided walks on the estate etc. We also have an information point next to the games room with leaflets regarding things to do locally.
      • Operating a no-smoking policy in all of our buildings, and offering guests designated outdoor smoking areas.
  • In addition to fulfilling all the requirements for Green Tourism we:
    • Aim to reduce mileage by:
      • Providing all catering and entertainment on site to reduce guest journeys off site
      • Our local chef sourcing meat locally
      • Only using local services
    • Have renovated all the properties using a high proportion of recycled materials and the latest insulation regulations
    • Use materials from the estate for building
    • Source oak for building from sustainable trees
    • Re-use and recycle building materials
    • Continue with our commitment to the Stewardship Scheme
      • Field margins are managed to encourage wildlife, which has seen the return of Owls; Otters and Crayfish
      • Carry out an annual wildlife survey
      • Provide private access tracks for guests on the estate
      • Become a Three Year Achiever Member of the Shropshire Hills Sustainable Business Scheme
    • Overhauled our on-site waste digester, with specialist help
    • Heat our swimming pools by ‘Air Source’ heat generation
    • Have one bath per house to reduce water usage
    • Monitor electricity usage
    • Plant hardy shrubs to withstand flood & drought

Responsible Visitors Charter

We have a ‘Responsible Visitors Charter’ which is made available to all guests to encourage them to help us with our commitment.

  • Conserve Energy
    • Reduce energy by switching off lights and closing windows if the heating is on.
  • Stay at Eaton for the Day
    • Give the car a rest and enjoy the gardens, on-site amenities and surroundings of Eaton Manor.
  • Shop Local
    • Buy local products and support local businesses.
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
    • Please see the recycling recommendations on the fridge and use the green recycling bins provided.
  • Be Water Wise
    • Don’t waste water, turn taps off.
  • Respect Nature
    • Help us to look after the landscape and wildlife by not littering, guarding against fire and using footpaths responsibly.
We would really appreciate it if you would help us with our commitment to our local community and environment during your stay at Eaton Manor, thank you.


Please contact us if you have any questions.