Download Terms & Conditions for Eaton Manor by clicking on the link below:

Free Cancellation is included in all new bookings placed since 10th April 2020.


If you cancel up to 3 days before the check in date, you will receive a full refund of the costs you have paid.

– This will be reimbursed at departure date of original booking.

– No explanation for the cancellation will be required.

However, if you cancel two days or less before check in date, you will not be reimbursed for your booking.


Holiday Cancellation Insurance

We recommend guests buy Holiday Cancellation Insurance.

Cancellation Insurance is not compulsory but we strongly recommend such insurance to protect against the cancellation penalty (see our Terms & Conditions for details on this). Please note Master Cancel (cancellation protection cover) only covers the cost of the accommodation and not any additional services booked (such as catering or archery lessons), cost of travel, lost luggage, medical expenses etc.