Chocolate Workshops at Eaton Manor, Provided by Artisan Country Crafts

Have fun learning to make cheese or chocolate with your friends or family

Provided by Artisan Country Crafts, you can enjoy the art of chocolate or cheese making in the comfort of your holiday home. Both make ideal activities for family groups or hen parties.

Chocolate Making Classes

A fun packed experience introducing you to the world of chocolate, where you can learn to create your own unique chocolates to wow friends and family.

Artisan Country Crafts will show you the delicate art of hand tempering, a vital stage to getting the finish of your chocolates looking perfect. You’ll then be taking through the stages, step by step so that you can go away with your own hand crafted truffles. At the end of the workshop we will help you to package your chocolates, giving a truly professional finish to your hard work.

  • Class 1: Belgian Truffles
    • A workshop where you will make your own ganache, pipe and roll your own truffles, and then coat your chocolates with your own choice of finish to create your own unique design.
    • £25 per person.
    • Minimum of 8 people, Maximum of 14.
  • Class 2: Children’s Lolly & Truffles Party
    • A fun filled event where the children will design and decorate a chocolate lolly, then help to make and pipe the ganache, followed by rolling their own truffles  in a selection of coatings. All to be packaged and taken home.
    • £25 per person.
    • Minimum age 3 years old
    • Minimum of 8 people, Maximum of 12 (big kids can get involved too!)

An apron, all ingredients and utensils will be provided. We suggest your wear comfortable shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting messy – just in case you get chocolate on them!

Cheese Making Courses

Try one of these courses and discover just how easy home cheese making really is.

  •  Course 1: Halloumi & Mascarpone
    • Learn how to make halloumi and mascarpone.
    • £25 per person.
    • Minimum of 8 people, Maximum of 16.
  • Course 2: Mozzarella & Goats Cheese
    • Learn how to make mozzarella and shepherds goats cheese.
    • Approx. £25 per person.
    • Minimum of 8 people, Maximum of 16.

On these courses, Artisan Country Crafts will explain the principles of cheese making and make the artisan cheeses with you – from putting the rennet into the milk, then cutting and stiring the curds, and finally moulding.

These courses demonstrate the skills behind making a variety of soft cheeses, using both cows and goats milk, which will then enable you to re-create them in your own kitchen. You don’t need expensive equipment, as we will show you how to use ordinary kitchen utensils and equipment to make the cheese.

At the end of the course, you will package up the cheese to take home and enjoy!

An apron, all ingredients and utensils will be provided.


Hen Parties: There are specific hen party packages available, contact Artisan Country Crafts for more information.


Please Note: Allergies can be catered for so long as Artisan Country Crafts are informed in advance. Click here to download the booking form.


For more information, prices and to book please contact Artisan Country Crafts:
Tel: 07767 898710

Prices: £25.00 per person


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