The Blusherettes - Vintage Pop Up Parlour

Add a touch of glamour to your stay with our vintage makeup & hair specialists

Perfect for hen parties and special events, we can provide master classes in vintage hair and makeup – a fantastic way to learn a new skill, create fabulous vintage looks and have great fun.

  • Whether you adore the chic style of the swinging 1920’s and 30’s Hollywood screen sirens, or love the land girl look and Holly Golightly’s elfin charm, the vintage hair and makeup artists we work with have a passion for recreating authentic and inspiring vintage hair and beauty and can replicate the hair and makeup that made women in these bygone days oh-so glamorous!
  • You can choose whatever era you like and you’ll be given a bit of the history and why these looks developed the way they did (1920s and 1940s are particularly popular eras however any style can be done).
  • Groups are teamed up in pairs with a demo on one person, for hen parties this would be the Hen herself. The others in the group then have a go at doing each other’s hair and make-up with assistance to create the overall looks.
  • The hair and makeup kits are all supplied,  and afterwards everyone is presented with a Certificate of Divine Gorgeousness on which is printed each guest’s name, the date.
  • Props are also provided for your group to pose with lots of photos will be taken so they’ll be plenty of mementos from the day.

Duration: The class typically takes around 3 hours (including taking photos).

Price: £50 per person for groups of  5 to 11 people; or £40 per person for groups of 12 or more.

For more information please contact us.

Prices from:   £50.00 per person (party of 5-11 people)
£40.00 per person (party of 12 or more)



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