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Some beautiful, warm and sunny days have given rise to feelings that spring has now arrived and the gardens at Eaton are definitely showing signs of this. David, our Head Gardener, tells of how a sure sign of this is that the Snowdrops are now all but over and the Daffodils are starting to bloom.

What is Starting to Bloom
The Daffodils that were planted in their hundreds last autumn, as part of our local community effort, are now coming through, as well as the Tulips and some of the various blossoms on the estate – although the main cherry blossoms are biding their time before making their spectacular show (a sight well worth seeing when they do!).

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We are very proud to have a feature article in this month’s Shropshire Life magazine.

Shropshire Life visited late last year and spoke to Nichola and Julian, the owners of Eaton Manor, about the estate, from its history and the four generations of the Madeley family to inhabit it, to the flourishing business that it now represents.

You can read the full article online by clicking here.

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Cold frosty mornings and icy puddles remind us that winter is still with us and spring will have to wait a while yet. In fact, the now more seasonal conditions are somewhat welcome on the farm after what has been a mild winter so far.

Though the grass on the higher meadow was, quite rightly, not for budging, the winter wheat had started to prematurely grow taller. A weather related “pull-back” will stop the crops becoming too advanced and allow a more normal progression into spring, thwarting the designs of pests such as aphids, which can survive mild winters and be a problem later in the year.

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Eaton Manor is bestowed with wonderful gardens that accompany each holiday property. David, our Head Gardener, works tirelessly to keep them flourishing, even in the coldest months of the year. Always one step ahead, he plans his year with care ensuring bulbs are planted in the autumn to bloom the following spring and tree planting continues regularly to keep the estate overflowing with wildlife.

Flower Beds and Borders
Last autumn a mass bulb planting mission took place; namely of 1500 tulips and over 1000 miscellaneous bulbs, ranging from miniature daffodils and aconites to muscari (grape hyacinths). One hundred-plus alliums were also planted and all of the tubs on the estate were planted with tulips and lavenders.

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