Guests' Commemorative Tree Planting at Eaton Manor

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Recently we have had two very special commemorative tree planting ceremonies by regular guests at Eaton Manor.

The first was to celebrate a guest’s 90th birthday…

The family pictured above have been coming to stay at Eaton Manor over the past 12 years and wanted to mark the milestone birthday of a family member by planting a specimen oak tree*

What more could we have asked for? The whole family – aged 2 years to 90 years had a marvellous time. We enjoyed the pool, the games room, country walks, and the icing on the cake this year was planting an oak tree in celebration of our nonogenarian’s recent birthday.”

The second was in remembrance of previous guests…

Another family that have stayed at Eaton Manor twice a year since 2016, wanted to plant a tree** in commemoration of their parents who first brought them to Eaton Manor.

Dear Nichola, it was lovely to see you this weekend, and we felt really a part of the family being able to plant the beautiful oak tree for Mum and Dad. It was such a glorious day and you choose such a glorious position. We all felt very blessed, thank you.”


We are delighted that both these families, whom we have loved welcoming back to Eaton Manor time and again, have chosen to plant new specimen oaks here at Eaton Manor to be enjoyed by future generations.

We look forward to welcoming them all back in the coming years to continue enjoying Eaton Manor and to see the trees grow.

Eaton Manor’s oak trees…

We have wonderful oak trees on Eaton Manor estate, some hundreds of years old.

It is thought that oak trees have survived throughout the ages due to being ‘Meeting Trees’ – as it was an ancient tradition for locals to gather at a well-known large tree, often an oak, to discuss or decide important secular matters.

Future tree planting

We always welcome tree planting at Eaton Manor, and if this is something you would like to do on a future visit here, please contact us to discuss your thoughts and our head gardener will source a tree in advance of your stay.


* Quercus ilex, otherwise known as a holm or evergreen oak
** Quercus rober, otherwise known as an English oak