St Edith's Church, Eaton-under-Heywood

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Seeking Sanctuary in Eaton Church

Our glorious Church, St Edith’s, features in a new medieval literary adventure, available to buy now.

Just a stone’s throw from Eaton Manor, St Edith’s Church, dating back to Norman times, is a prominent setting in a new novel by author, Kate Innes. The Church provides sanctuary to the brother of the story’s heroine, who is being chased.

The Errant Hours, is, in part, set around Eaton and South Shropshire and draws from the deep well of medieval legend to weave a story of survival and courage, trickery and love.

The story moves from the small villages of Apedale, not far from Eaton, to the intriguing monuments of Wenlock Priory, Acton Burnell, Clun, Stokesay and Criccieth Castles in a headlong journey through the physical and spiritual dangers of Medieval Britain.

The quick-witted heroine, Illesa Arrowsmith, sets out to save her brother from the gallows armed only with a secret book said to have the power of life and death.
The Errant Hours has been selected as an Editor’s Choice by the Historical Novel Society.
Kate Innes’s glorious first novel is a lyrical joy. Up there with the best of Pat Bracewell and Elizabeth Chadwick, it offers utter immersion in an intricate, plausible world. A must read.” Manda Scott

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Where Can You Buy the Book?

This is a great gift idea!

Copies of the book can be bought directly from Eaton Manor, where a donation from each sale will then be made to St Edith’s Church. Please contact us to purchase a book.

The book is also available in local bookshops or on Amazon.