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April is still in full swing at Eaton Manor with regard to the weather! Lots of rain and lots of warmth has resulted in lots of growth and so it is therefore a continuous battle for David, our Head Gardener, to keep on top of the rapidly growing lawns and weeds! However on a positive note, it does mean that everything is growing well which is keeping Eaton a green and pleasant land.

Pulling weeds, cutting grass and strimming are the primary jobs for David at the moment and fortunately we invested in a very high quality lawn mower last year which is excellent at cutting wet grass – crucial in the current climate – making David’s life that bit easier.

Hedge cutting has started on all the evergreen hedges, which are quite considerable at Eaton, and another big task is cutting the wild flower meadows.

As part of our efforts to help the local community we maintain the grounds of the beautiful Norman Church, St Edith’s, that is next to The Manor House. These grounds are also treated as a wild flower meadow, which is the same technique as is used in many churchyards throughout the country.

The process for maintaining wild flower meadows is to cut everything at ground level in July and August and remove it and then in October/November to strim everything, cut it all down again and then plant more wild flowers in order to have a larger range the following year.

A slightly less strenuous activity for David at this time of year is to sit down with Nichola (with some tea and cake of course!) and go through the bulb catalogue planning the planting for next spring. It’s important to do this now as the bulbs need to be planted in September.