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Eaton Manor is bestowed with wonderful gardens that accompany each holiday property. David, our Head Gardener, works tirelessly to keep them flourishing, even in the coldest months of the year. Always one step ahead, he plans his year with care ensuring bulbs are planted in the autumn to bloom the following spring and tree planting continues regularly to keep the estate overflowing with wildlife.

Flower Beds and Borders
Last autumn a mass bulb planting mission took place; namely of 1500 tulips and over 1000 miscellaneous bulbs, ranging from miniature daffodils and aconites to muscari (grape hyacinths). One hundred-plus alliums were also planted and all of the tubs on the estate were planted with tulips and lavenders.

As part of our community effort we also planted 1000 daffodil bulbs around the local village of Ticklerton to provide an abundance of colour in the spring.

This time of year sees David lifting and dividing the perennials on the estate in order to expand the perennial borders.
The borders are also in the process of being mulched with manure from a local farm. This manure is collected a year ahead of being used and we also add our own garden compost to it.


At Eaton Manor we pride ourselves on having a sustainable tree and hedge planting programme.

Last year up to 250 trees were planted around the archery centre and on the playing field while currently 50 indigenous trees are being planted next to Woodpecker Way.

The grounds of the Manor House, already with a wealth of magnificent trees, have had a few more specimens added. One superb example in particular is a Cedrus Deodara.

Eaton Cottage grounds are seeing the addition of indigenous hedges around the private swimming pool, as well as more indigenous trees being planted at the end of the garden.